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Three Rings
Ever iconic, the number “3” has been widely interpreted throughout time to symbolize life’s most mythical allure. Representing the strength of unity in ancient, Borromean rings in West, or the three sages Confucius, Laozi and Mozi in East, it has also come to represent the spiritual representation of mind, body and soul, or in Pythagorean science, triangular perfection manifest.
Auspicious and refined, Tzelan’s Three-Rings porcelain collection, made in collaboration with Mexican heritage porcelain makers Anfora, draws from its historical inspirations from past, present and future to transcend both time and place, with elegantly crafted vessels glazed to finish in earthy tones.
Tzelan’s Three-Rings porcelain collection is distributed by Steelite International, the world’s market-leader in award-winning tabletop solutions. For inquiries, please contact tzelan@tzelan.com.