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Studio Collection




Our Chinese walnut multi-purpose social table with tea stained glass top and antique brass base “in” London, England.

“The unconscious mind,” as New York Times columnist David Brooks said, “hungers for those moments of transcendence, when the skull line disappears and we are lost in a challenge or a task––when a craftsman feels lost in his craft, when a naturalist feels at one with nature.” He was describing limerence, a certain psychological state that we liken to creative brilliance. Our in-house studio takes on the challenge of emulating beauty in product design, applying effort, love and uniqueness. “Studio Collection” is Tzelan’s ongoing collection of furniture, accessories, lighting, linens and tabletop items that result from our rigorous design process. Our Winter  debut furniture within the collection was a collaborative effort lead by design collaborator Jessica Corr. The line draws from the inspirational work of Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, the iconic French Art Deco furniture and interiors designer and couples masculine rigidity with subtle, feminine features for a decidedly modern feel. Here, we chose to feature three pieces in illustrated vignettes, imagined scenarios around the world where our work can exist and function, irrespective of time and place.


FUR-13009 and FUR-13007

Antique brass hardware and chocolate leather-wrapped
doors add a timeless feel to our long, slender multi-
purpose console “traveling” through India.





FUR-13009 and FUR-13007_2

Our chocolate leather-wrapped vanity desk features a front-facing drawer and Art Deco legs “in” the dynamic city setting of Hong Kong.



//TFQ Issue 1 – Winter 2014/2015