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Leather Whimsy

Artfully arranged leather case goods from Tzelan—made in collaboration with master craftsman Oscar Maschera—make their debut this spring. With a savoir faire rooted in a thousand-year-old village in Italy’s Marche region, Oscar Maschera’s handmade process takes two hand-cut, vegetable-tanned skins and pieces them together with elegant pleats and hand stitching for unique effect. Tzelan by Oscar Maschera is available for purchase in four modern, multi-purpose silhouettes and a navy and ochre color combination.


Clockwise from top left corner:

SKU#ACC-14009    Amenities Tray 840mm L x 450mm W x 85mm H

SKU#ACC-14007     Laundry Hamper, Linen Liner Optional 300mm L x 300mm W x 300mm H

SKU#ACC-14006     Leather Bin, Metal Waste Liner Optional 250mm DIA x 275mm H

Center right image, product located at bottom of cluster:

SKU#ACC-14008     Guest Pillow Basket, Linen Liner Optional 840mm L x 550mm W x 150mm H


For contract business and large quantity orders, please contact Claudia Serafini