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Ju: House & Home

The Chinese character “居” or ju, as it’s phonetically pronounced and transcribed in Pinyin, represents a myriad of meanings, the most significant of which is “home.” Specifically, it’s used in colloquial terms to represent a dwelling or residence (noun) or to stop, remain and stay awhile (verb). It’s this particular word––or eight character strokes––that we’ve chosen to base the inaugural issue of The Fifth Quarterly on: house and home.

Whether it’s the family home of Tzelan founder Tammy Chou’s Central Park South residencein New York City, a room at Ararat Park Hyatt Moscow, InterContinental Geneva or Rosewood London (among other properties where Tzelan products live), one overarching thread is warmth. “Regardless of the definition, whether it be a home or hotel, it’s about who you’re with and how comfortable you are,” Chou says. One thing she can’t leave home without? “Bubble,” she replies, referring to the family’s beloved 17-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.


What does home mean to our friends and family?


Matthias Roeke
Marcelo Lucini
Ralph Pucci
Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti
Albert Herrera
























































Home is a place of solace and escape. A place where memories and objects collide forming a collage of life. No matter what country, city, building or canvas—home is the collection of the physical memoirs gathered throughout life. Memories of countries visited, people met, exciting little shops, or family occasions- home is where these come together to form the diagram of an individual’s journey through life. A place of happiness, sadness and all imaginable emotions- home is a place of contentment and comfort. — My home moves countries a lot!





Home is love, fun, family, friends, inspiration, parties, a place to relax and be yourself. Home is where you don’t need to get dressed, look well, be polite and sound nice. Home is my art, my paintings, my antiques, my books, my colors, my feelings, my laughter and my dearest Ariel, Tigre and Leon.





Home should be a sanctuary for the people living there. My feeling is that minimalistic surroundings are calming, soothing and conductive to private family functions and gatherings with family — both adults and children residing there. The surroundings serene, the people important.





Home means… a lot of laughing with my children and my friends over great, long, dinners. I enjoy cooking at home and setting beautiful tables. Home, for me, is also about the stories of your life layered, collected and shared with those you love.





Is Home defined where I was born or where I currently reside? Or perhaps the many places that I am fortunate enough to visit around the world that my travels take me to—from the caves in Cappadocia to a tent in the Serengeti or a simple neighborhood jaunt in New York City. For me, I have come to realize that Home is a feeling. A deep emotion. A special experience that allows me to connect with the community that I find myself in. Lucky for me, I am blessed to be able to call so many places around the world my Home.







//TFQ Issue 1 – Winter 2014/2015