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Design Rebel with a Cause


1. We collectively design the meaning of hospitality. It is defined by one to another, no matter where you are – office, hospital, shop, home, hotel….

It is not what you see but rather how you feel. An environment of hospitality gives people the capacity to have a great experience.


2. We believe each project, regardless of its size, should all be personal. Nowadays people tend to focus only on the end result and the romance of getting there is no longer embraced. We should collectively embrace the process as well as the result…that goes for the developer as well as the user.


3. Home is an individual’s sanctuary. Individual aesthetic and things over the course of a lifetime are collected and curated. We collect representations of family and friends, vestiges of memories and experiences. The home is not defined by a set of rules, but rather by an individual’s emotions.


4. Creating individual belonging can only be by the user not the provider. Recreating the intimacy of a home is setting the stage for creating great memories. Setting the stage only opens the door for possibilities to be encountered.


5. New breed or old breed, we are the same species – human. We believe that the hotel should represent the home away from home; offer people comfort and warmth of a familiar essence as well as the mannerism and formality of housekeeping that enables such an environment.


6. Many developers nowadays focus on what is trendy…perhaps even gimmicky. However, the vision must come from the developer. The developer must embrace the vision and develop a way to stay true to the vision along the entire journey of creation. This includes obtaining the support, belief, and trust operator to collectively make the deliverable.


7. If anyone needs to be persuaded then they are not worthy. I don’t think anyone can sway them, however, everyone should have the opportunity to share a common vision if they truly believe in it.


8. Rosewood London is a prime example of where the owner and operator embraced the vision, collectively conveyed the vision, and produced a stunning result.


9. I feel home is where my friends and family are. Per my geographical roots, there is no doubt New York, Taiwan, and Buenos Aires, are the most important in my life. I was born in Taiwan but grew up and lived out most of my adult life in New York. In these past few years, I have laid down roots in Buenos Aires and they are beginning to grow, deeper and deeper. Looking forward, I believe Garrison, NY will be a significant place as we just bought a parcel to begin building a family estate.