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Collecting Curios in Argentina


Found at San Telmo’s Sunday market in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this vintage tea kettle with burner stand boasts a matching kerosene refill container and rattan-wrapped handles.



While winter began to rear its head in New York, we chased the warmth of the southern hemisphere for our annual sojourn to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In the “Paris of the South,” as it is often referred to, we never fail to find solace in the sun. Attempting to speak our best lunfardo, or local dialect, we aimlessly walked the streets that inspired greatness, whether the stories of Jorge Luis Borges or the lyrical steps of tango.

To capture the impressions of our adopted, South American home, we wandered the city’s famed flea market in San Telmo on a quest for tabletop treasures. What we found—1930’s German art deco espresso sets, vintage Argentine tea caddies and glass or French ceramics among other bric-a-brac––spoke to the multicultural mix of Buenos Aires’ past. Brought back to Tzelan House in New York, we know these collected curios will maintain their luster and add an alluring and colorful charm to our curated assemblages.


//TFQ Issue 1 – Winter 2014/2015