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Bubble Chi


Dear friends and family,

I come to you in bittersweet celebration of the life and love of Bubble the Jack Russell. Saturday, February 13th, the day before Valentine’s Day on which we celebrate the love that enriches our lives, our beloved Bubble passed away. So much more than a dog, Bubble was and remains a cherished member of our family after 18 and a half years. With us she shared her blissful spirit, a zest for life and affectionate heart to be treasured. Whether exploring Central Park or visiting her friends at tonychi, Bubble brought delight to all fortunate enough to know her. Such a rarity is a soul like Bubble’s.

Bubble was here for a purpose, a purpose she fulfilled. I find it most fitting that Tammy was the one who found Bubble for they were so similar in their personalities: generous, considerate, patient and intelligent. Tammy and Bubble shared much that I admire. Bubble was our baby, a member of the family, both tonychi and Tzelan. She was with us during our era of significant growth. Bubble waited and watched with her intelligent eyes and loving spirit as all fell into place. A beacon of patience and composure, Bubble united the studios. Her patience knew no bounds.

With her gift of loyal patience, Bubble remained to see her job complete. Upon her final visit to the tonychi studio, Bubble exhibited the loving patience for which she was fondly known. Despite her dwindling strength, Bubble walked throughout the entire studio on her own. Amidst gentle pats and kind greetings from her friends, Bubble had an air of tranquility about her, as if saying, “My job here is finished.” Bubble waited and gave all her strength in order to say goodbye to everyone whose lives she had touched.  The quintessential Bubble, patient in all aspects of her being, shared a love much bigger than her petite body, considerate to the very end.

In patience we discover that for which we are most willing to wait. What truly matters is worth our precious time. For Bubble, she who embodied the value of waiting, it was a walk in the park, a good night kiss, or the anticipation of seeing her family.  Bubble had a gift for waiting, choosing her moments and actions with the delicacy of a life lived with passion.

Bubble’s was a life of reciprocated love, a life that every living creature deserves. Millions of animals on our planet lack love and protection. In honoring the life of Bubble, let us all consider the animals that are not fortunate enough to live lives of mutual love such as Bubble’s. Let us all educate ourselves and show compassion that we may actively love and protect these innocent creatures.

The heartfelt sentiments and condolences of our friends have brought us much solace and joy. Your kindness and encouragement lift our spirits and for that we are immensely grateful.

Bubble lives on, in the warming sun and soft grass of Central Park, in the blissful joy of a reunion with loved ones, in the calming love we feel in our hearts. Bubble’s memory also lives on through a visual tribute to her life on instagram at bubblethejackrussel – http://instagram.com/bubblethejackrussell   #bubblethejackrussell

Through the life and love of Bubble, we celebrate our blessings and reflect upon what is worth waiting for. Thank you, Bubble. May your beautiful soul find peace and rest.